Relive the Old West Legend of Dodge City Through Exhibits, Education and Entertainment.

Historic Buildings

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Fort Dodge Jail

Hardesty House

Superior School

Blacksmith Shop

Depot and Train

First Union Church

The Union Church used circuit preachers and hosted a wide variety of community functions. Dodge City had a reputation in its early days of being a place so wild and sinful that even God did not venture into her city limits. The Rev. Ormond W. Wright sought to change this when he went to Front Street saloons and gambling houses to solicit funds to maintain this church as a place where cowboys and settlers alike could join together to practice their faith in Christ.

Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson were deacons of this new church. The Union Church was the first building constructed in Dodge City dedicated to the practice of religion. With the construction of this building began the taming of the “wickedest little city in America.


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